Sailing the Meme Seas

A revolutionary crypto project that combines the power of a MEME token with the allure of NFTs. Join our community of pirates and embark on a unique adventure in the crypto space.

About Us

Our project thrives on transparency, and we prioritize open communication, locked liquidity, and transparent wallets. We're excited to have you on board for this one-of-a-kind opportunity to be part of the first MEME token and NFT crossover project.

NFT Collection

Collection size


Mint price

0.05 ETH


Token airdrops guaranteed for holders

Terms and Limitations

If you decide to sell your NFT, you will no longer be entitled to receive the $OGMF airdrop. Instead, any forthcoming airdrops from the NFT will be transferred to the new owner

Tokenomics Distribution

Funds from minting allocated to liquidity provision, development initiatives (including CEX listing), marketing, buyback NFTs, and more

Smart Contract Features

3.3% royalties on secondary markets; 4 rarity levels with increasing staking bonuses (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary)

OGMF Token

Transaction Tax

1.5% on purchases, 1.5% on sales

Tokenomics Distribution

70% of tax revenue used for buybacks and burning tokens; 30% allocated to team funding, marketing, and future development


Staking NFTs and tokens rewards users with token drops


Our token model is designed to be permanently deflationary, as reflected in our tokenomics.

TGE Market Cap


Liquidity Lock




TGE Distribution

33.3% (no lockup)
2 months vesting for remaining supply

NFT Holders Airdrop
Liquidity Pool

OGMF Burn Projections

Goals and Community

Our objective is to establish a robust community and elevate the recognition of piracy on a global scale, while promoting the culture of seafaring. We strive to remain steadfast in our commitment to transparency.

Team and Developers

We pride ourselves on working with an experienced and respected developer. Our smart contract will be of the highest standard, reflecting our commitment to collaborating with the best.

Bot Protection

We're dedicated to ensuring that our token sale remains unaffected by bots. We will implement various strategies to minimize their ability to interfere with our project's success and token performance.


The anticipated airdrop for NFT holders is scheduled to take place a few days after the Reveal day.

As part of the TGE, every NFT holder will receive an airdrop of 1.67 million tokens, followed by subsequent monthly airdrops of the same amount for the subsequent two months.

Uniswap will be available on TGE, and we will list it on the best CEX we have in our collaborations list.

You need to mint them, but our contract creators have tweaked the ERC721A so that even if you mint 40 NFTs, the cost will be minimal.

The total supply of tokens is 75 billion, with 45 billion being airdropped and 20.25B billion going to the liquidity pool immediately after the airdrop.

Yes, we have four tiers of NFTs: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. If you are lucky enough to hold one Legendary NFT, you will receive a 5x boost on your staking.
The staking multipliers for each NFT tier are as follows:
Common - 1x
Rare - 1.25x
Epic - 2x
Legendary - 5x
The drop rates for each NFT tier are: Common - 70%, Rare - 20%, Epic - 9%, and Legendary - 1%.

You can withdraw your stake at any time, but there will be a cooldown period of 3 days.

The ecosystem is based on the correlation between the NFTs and the token. We will have daily staking pool rewards, which are not inflationary since the tokens come from the daily tax. Additionally, we have much more in mind, everything will be presented once it ready.

The team will receive their tokens over a period of 3 months, just like everyone else. There are currently 15 members on the team, and the tokens will be divided equally among them.

We have Plans to Build a DAO for the Holders.